Residents of Knox County

Fraiser Solar LLC, a division of Open Road Renewables LLC, wants to build an industrial solar project in your area.

An opposition group, Preserve Knox County LLC, needs your help to begin the fight against this big solar corporation.

To get more information, or to join the fight for Knox County, e-mail us at:

[email protected]


Mount Vernon public hearing shows community divided over solar

How much harm can solar really cause?

More than you may think

Toxic Chemicals

Solar panels contain toxic chemicals such as: Cadmium selenide, Cadmium telluride, Lead, Silicone tetrachloride polyvinyl fluoride, and more. These chemicals are known to leach out of damaged or worn panels.

Fire Hazard

Solar panels are a fire hazard. Solar panel fires are extremely dangerous for firefighters to deal with due to the risk of electric shock, and inhaling the toxic fumes.

Eye Sore

Solar developments damage property values. Potential buyers are more likely to stay away from houses with industrial development views.

Water Damage

Solar developments may damage farm tiles and cause flooding and drainage issues.

Save Hartford Township

Feel free to browse the Save Hartford Township website for more information about the risks of solar, and learn more about how the little community of Hartford is becoming a formidable challenge to big solar.

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